We exist to restore and rebuild neglected and poverty stricken communities. We desire to empower individuals to Provide hope to the poor, orphaned, and the forgotten. We believe in restoration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with communities that lack essentials for survival and restore communities by providing education, food, water, clothing, hygiene, health care and meeting other needs individuals are lacking. We develop a network of supporters such as yourself and connect them to the needs of the international communities we are restoring. We coordinate child sponsorships, teacher sponsorships, village sponsorships, various development projects, missions trips, and other future opportunities relating to the long-term benefit of these communities. 

What We've DONE so far

  • Currently building our first Chasing Eden school for 61 children. We are renting a space for now and plan to buy land and build within the year. We are sponsoring our teachers and staff so the children can attend school for free while also facilitating a feeding program for the students and staff. LEARN MORE

  • Created a sponsorship program for teachers and staff to provide education to 150 students near Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

  • Facilitated a feeding program for 78 children at CAD orphanage in Fonds Parisien, Haiti

  • Organized a child sponsorship for CAD orphanage providing food, medical care, education, clothing, and hygiene products for the children.

  • Funded the renovation for a children's home in Bon Repos, Haiti

  • Provided a child sponsorship for 16 children in a children's home in Bon Repos, Haiti

  • Started the rebuild of a home destroyed by Hurricane Matthew

  • Led teams to Haiti to deliver food to villages, socks and underwear to children, led church services, games, and more.